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West Of Redemption

In this tense three-hander shot in Eastern Washington, the husband of a farmhouse-dwelling couple takes a stranger hostage and interrogates him, unwinding a complicated web of mysteries in the process. Set in late 1989, a brooding but loving farmer (Billy Zane) interrupts time with his wife (Mariana Klaveno), and opens the door to a traveller (Kevin Alejandro) who needs a tow truck, as his truck has slipped into the ditch. The next day, the traveller wakes, hands and feet bound, in a barn, taken hostage for reasons that he doesn’t understand. As he is interrogated, hard realities concerning the trio’s relationship come to the surface. Filmed in dry, arid country outside of Spokane, WA, this slow-burn thriller examines the depths that true love and passion can take one to.

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Recent Sightings

West of Redemption Wins Best of Fest + 3 Others at Lady Filmmakers Film Festival

We are thrilled to announce that West of Redemption won four awards at the 8th Lady Filmmakers Film Festival. West of Redemption won Best of Fest, which goes to the best all around feature length film. This is in no small part due to the talents of our lead actors, who each were honored with awards: Billy Zane received Best Actor, Mariana Klaveno won Best Actress, and Kevin Alejandro was awarded Best Supporting Actor. Mariana Klaveno and producer Larry Estes were on hand to accept the awards.

Staff Pick Winner!

We are happy to announce that West of Redemption won the Staff Pick Award at the fourth annual Manchester Film Festival. MANIFF festival reviewers said that it was similar to "the works of Alfred Hitchcock or Alejandro Amenábar's Open Your Eyes." Cornelia Duryée was also recognized in the festival’s "Wonder Woman" lineup, featuring interviews with, and screenings of, the work of several working women in film. MANIFF was the movie’s fifth film festival this year, and West of Redemption’s International premiere.

Cornelia Duryée (director) and Larry Estes (producer) were on hand to accept the award. For more information on the film West of Redemption, please visit For more information about the Manchester Film Festival, please visit

Manchester Film Festival

West of Redemption, was Officially Selected and will be In Competition at the Manchester Film Festival in Manchester, England.

The first weekend of March 2016 will see Manchester welcome filmmakers, industry professionals and film lovers, to celebrate the very best of independent cinema from every corner of the globe.

West of Redemption, will be one of 16 international narrative films in competition at MANIFF, and one of over 90 in the entire Festival. It is also a part of the 'Inspiring Women in Film' programme which will coincide with Manchester's 2016 'Wonder Women' event, taking place March 3-13, 2016

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