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Welcome to
Kairos Productions

A reverently irreverent, Seattle based film production company dedicated to the creation of vibrant, idiosyncratic celebrations of life through filmmaking

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Hiya. We’re Kairos.

KAIROS PRODUCTIONS is a leading independent production company based in Seattle, WA. We have developed a reputation for telling thought-provoking stories, from irreverent web series to award winning feature-length films. We enjoy developing original content such as The Dark Horse and West of Redemption, adapted content such as Camilla Dickinson, and collaborating on other local productions, such as JourneyQuest. We create narrative and documentary projects aimed to enrich the world through redemptive storytelling.

Some of our Projects

West of Redemption

In this tense three-hander shot in Eastern Washington, the husband of a farmhouse-dwelling couple takes a stranger hostage and interrogates him, unwinding a complicated web of mysteries in the process.

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Camilla Dickinson     

Based on the book Camilla, by Madeleine L’Engle, fifteen-year-old Camilla Dickinson has led a sheltered life on the Upper East Side with her architect father and beautiful, but fragile mother.

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The Dark Horse           

Hearing the news that her father is suffering with dementia, Dana, a Seattle ballet teacher, reluctantly returns to her childhood home on Orcas Island to discover that it is threatened with foreclosure.

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Kairos Productions is the brainchild of two driven individuals.

Its creative vision was born in 2003, when Cornelia Duryée felt the call to make moving, life-affirming films that she wasn’t seeing anyone else create. As a founding member of Seattle’s classical theater community, she felt she could bring thought provoking projects to the screen.

Larry Estes, a veteran producer, recognized the uniqueness of Duryée’s voice, and signed on as her business partner. He is using the know-how he gained producing 80+ feature films to ensure that Kairos flourishes. With these two creative forces at the helm, Kairos Productions was formally incorporated on St. Patrick’s Day, 2008.

To date, Kairos has made five feature length films, including West of Redemption and Camilla Dickinson, (both of which are available on iTunes, Amazon(WoR | CD), and many other streaming services), and co-produced one webseries, JourneyQuest.

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